Hello, to a world of I/O.

We help you make sense of a world of cloud computing, IOT or even the next security breach you hear.
We help you get to the cloud and protect yourself.
You can find some samples of our services below.

Cloud Management

We manage and architect Amazon's AWS and Microsoft Azure cloud.
Some of our more frequent AWS services used in the architectures are: EC2, S3, Route53, Cloudfront, ELB, RDS.

aws azure

Private Cloud or Private Data Centers

We manage private data centers that have to comply with governmental or financial rules that have to stay within local jurisdiction.

Linux and Open Source Operating Systems and Services

Our preference are the more popular Redhat/Centos and Debian/Ubuntu LTS linux but we have also implemented the other side of the spectrum, the OpenBSD OS.

centos ubuntu

Network Security, Audits and Encryption

This is the core of our design no matter if you are in financial, marketing, educational or simply a small firm with no security concern.


Yes we are software engineers. We program in Java, Python, PHP and many more...

java python php

Hardware and IOT Devices

To name a few, recently we have designed Atmel, Intel microcontroller with TCP/IP stack as well as Broadcom devices.

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